Memory undervoltage possible solution?

Hello everyone. I have a friend with a memory module kingston ddr-400 2.6 v 1 GB - KVR400X64C3A/1G with chips Elpida that won't work on his computer (BSODS, applications crashs). So I tested it on my mobo and initially the same instability problems happened. With default settings, it was running @ 2.7 v. Setting to 2.6v didn't help, but with 2.5v everything is stable. Tested with Gold memory and memtest, no errors. Looking at the sensor, the voltage fluctuates very little(2.50 - 2.51 v). Do you think it's safe to keep the module for me(even though it's rated at 2.6 v)?
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  1. 2.5v certainly is safer than 2.7v. On the other hand, it should also work at the rated 2.6v.
  2. Yeah, this module is pretty strange. I guess I won't keep it. Thanks a lot for the answer.
  3. You could RMA it if it has a lifetime warranty.
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