Is the gtx 580 nvidia's best card?

I have another topic trying to help me pick out a video card that will last more then two years had alot of usefull info in there.
My dad looked at the post and more or less said what is the point for you to get a lower end card if you will not be happy with it. So he has told me i can get this card-----

All that i want to know is it the best nvidia card on the market and will it play most games max at 1900x1080

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    That is the best card from nvidia right now and arguably one of the best on the market. With it you will be able to max any game on the market at 1920x1080. I can say this because that card can even max resolutions above 2k. You will be happy with that card I garuntee it and it should last you well into the next 2-3 years of graphics cards. plus in 2 years from now you will be able to pick up another one for a fraction of the price and sli the two. As long as some major new tech isnt released between then and now that revolutionizes the gpu industry you should be set for quite some time.
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