Non gameing build 350$

all i need is a case and the parts that go inside and i also dont need a os.
what it will be used for is email web browseing and paper work like excel, word office.
i am building for my mother i have 300$ to 350$ to spend the computer we are upgrading from is a oldish p4 around xp or older days currently "running" (i use that term loosely) win 7............
not really sure where to start should i get a am3+ that would give me a better upgrade path this is the olny one i could find and it does not have a onboard gpu. so i would have to get a cheap o one
or a amd3 build. it is my understanding that you get a better bang for your buck in amd at this price point am i wrong ? any help would be appreciated thank you
i am in the usa and i like newegg and i am looking to buy it in the next 2 weeks
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  1. Hello tv8tony;

    $95 is a huge chunk of your budget for a MB without graphics.
    I don't see how you could squeeze that into your budget.
  2. Here is a barebones kit @ Tigerdirect that might be something like you'd want to look at:
    MSI 785GTM-E45 AMD Phenom II X4 Barebones Kit $300 after rebate
    Uploaded with
  3. yeah i was just told i have a little more time to order "will be ordering the parts at the 25th of April" yeah it would be hard fiting that mb
    i am hopeful that there will be one that fits better before i order they should all be comeing out soon but that kit does look nice
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