Unique budget build

I am helping a friend with a budget build.....

OK what he needs is a computer that will only be used for 1 thing, downloading movies. He wants a 1T hard drive, the rest is optional. (looking for minimal requirements, speed of the d/l doesn’t matter)
-will be left on 24 hours of the day
-he would like a smaller case

Looking to spend as little as possible.

(I figure we can do this for $200-$300)

HDD) 1 Terabyte
Ram) ?
Case) ?
PSU) ?
CPU) ?
GPU) None
Dvd Drive) None
screen, mouse, keys) None
OS) None

what do you guys think?
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  1. WR2 said:

    def going to consider that.. thanks!
  2. $300 dont think that gonna do it
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