Ssd bye

I am planing to bye a SSD

It is around 7200/-
I was thinking to bye a graphic card too so that my system speed do not get slow because of slower Graphic card .
also tell me where I can benchmarking of all the computer parts

My system configration is
I5-750 (3.360GHz)
MSI R5570 MD1G
GSKIL 4GB 1600MHz (2x2)
cooler master 500wat SMPS
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  1. For gaming?
  2. sounds liek you aren't in the USA.

    the OCZ Vertex 2 drives are very good.

    with your Collermaster 500W, I'd suggest a GTX 460 or HD 6850
  3. varun77sports said:
    I am planing to bye a SSD

    That particular Vertex 2 has an "E" in the model number and is among the drives affected by the scandalous OCZ 25nm fiasco. Read about it here. Go for a Vertex 2 (or other SandForce drive) that is using the 34nm NAND.
  4. yes I am from India .
  5. no I am not a very extreme gamer just I just want that my windows should be stable and some games like modern warfare 2 ,crisis 2(some times )
  6. I have a price range of USD 200 to 220 (Rs10000 to 12000)
    This includes both SSD and GC
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