Sometimes some USB ports are still on after shutdown


I have the ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 mainboard and my problem is that sometimes some USB ports are still on after I shutdown my PC...not only at the backpanel (like my mouse) but also the USB 3.0 connectors on the foreside.

Does anybody know how I can fix it?

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  1. I think this is actually a feature of your motherboard, as it allows you to recharge devices even when the system is off. The way around this is to get in the habit of physically unplugging the devices that you want powered off.
  2. There may be a switch in the BIOS to change this behavior but since I don't have an ASRock Z68, you're on your own for finding it.

    Anyone who uses a USB port to charge a phone or mp3 player would consider this an incredibly useful feature.
  3. Thanks for the tips, guys. I will take a look in my BIOS...

    If you don't have a power supply adapter for your MP3 player, this "feature" may be useful...
    I don't want that all my USB devices are always on...and it is not reasonable to unplug the devices on each shutdown...
  4. So, I haven't found nothing like "USB Power" in my BIOS settings...looks bad :(
  5. Just checked the manual for your board on ASRock's site...

    Try turning off the On/Off Play feature in the BIOS. This feature is supposed to allow you to use a mp3 player connected to the computer while it is powered off.
  6. I have turned off that feature. We will see, if it helps :)

    Thank you!
  7. I have found an answer on the ASRock website but it works not for all USB connectors...

    Question 3:
  8. That FAQ gave three different methods to try, at least. If your board does have the jumper pad mentioned in the answer, that would be the most certain way to turn it off though turning it off by one of the two BIOS methods would make it easier to enable if you needed it later.
  9. My board doesn't have that jumper, unfortunately...

    And the USB 3.0 connectors on the foreside seem not to be affected by the "On/Off Play" feature...
  10. I got to this forum searching for "ASRock USB always on" I don't have the same motherboard but I had the same issue so...
    The solution that worked for me:
    There is a pin "PS2_USB_PWR1" and the options are 5V and 5VSB. I switched to 5V and the issue was fixed

    I searched what 5VSB mean and in few words it allows mouse/keyboard or other devices to turn the computer on, for that it is oviows that the device should have power

    The BIOS has an option to disable USB power on/off but it looks like turning those options off is not enough
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