Building a very cheap gaming computer! need advice!!

Hey guys, i need your help!!!! I wanna build a gaming computer with the most recent parts in stock now cause i dont wanna order parts online. anyone can help me with that? I need help asap if you guys can help! By the way i saved my geforce 8800gts graphics card. i guess i still can use it. I just need a list of parts to get that is good for gaming that is cheap. Thanks guys!
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  1. Your local dealer may have a website; I would list the establishment anyway and a firm budget.
  2. when i built a cheap pc a couple of years ago i used the xblade case it came with a 450w psu and cost 35 pounds i would recommend it as i was pleasantly surprised by it
    if you want bargain basement prices the look for a q8300 or there abouts they cost around 90 pounds. add in a cheap asrock motherboard 35 pounds
    and ddr2 800 2x1 gigs kingston value ram for about 20 pounds, a 500 gig hdd 40 pounds, dvd burner 15 pounds
    total outlay 200 pounds...
    add in the monitor of your choice. say a cheap lg 1440/900 for 85
    and for under 300 pounds you could play crysis at medium settings.
    but if your not gonna net shop you can easily add 70 pounds to it...
  3. We'll need more information, including your location. If the shop you intend to use doesn't have a web site, even then we may not be able to help much.
    On a rock-bottom budget, look for a socket AM3 board with an AMD Northbridge, preferably 870 or 880G; 770, 780G, or 790G would be acceptable. Your existing GPU is about on the level of a HD4670 (more or less, depending on the model). An Athlon II X3 CPU would be reasonable; you may be able to "suffer" with an X2 (255 or better) until you can afford an upgrade. Cheap PSUs that come in cases should not be trusted; the only decent PSUs I've seen included with cases were Antec, but Silverstone may also have some. For inexpensive but quality PSUs, look for Antec Earthwatts, Seasonic, or Corsair CX; skip the low-end Cooler Master PSUs as they are overrated garbage, missing [claimed] protection circuits. The PSU should NOT have a little voltage switch on it, which at best indicates an older, inefficient design, and more likely calls out overrated junk. You may be able to start with 2GB of RAM, but you really want 4GB if you can afford it.
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