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I currently purchased an i7 960 from Microcenter. I know they have a 30day exchange policy.

Well, i want to exchange my processor because after thorough research, i feel that my processor is running hotter than it normally should.

Now, when i go back to make the exchange and they were to ask me the reason of the exchange and i tell them it is running to hot. i am afraid that they will deny me the exchange because im well within the "normal" limits for the temps by their standards.

So, what would be the best reason to make the exchange without the posibility of being rejected.
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  1. All of the i7-9xx CPUs (with the exception of the 6 core extreme ones?) are known to run hot indeed, since they are big chips and are rated at 135W (+the stock cooler doesn't help either if you're using that).

    I agree with your choice though, I'd rather swap it for an i5-2500k or something which should be a nicer all-round option :)

    I haven't returned/exchanged much things, but you could try these:

    - It didn't live up to your expectations since socket 1155 CPUs offer better bang for the buck

    - You made a mistake with the purchase

    - You want a CPU that is more OC friendly and even more energy efficient, and the new sandy bridge chips are the most ideal due to their smaller 34nm design architecture

    Good luck!
  2. It is unlikely that there is something wrong with your CPU. Could be a problem with your cooler. Another cpu of the same model will probably run just as hot. You didn't say what cpu cooler you are using but it would be advisable to put on a good aftermarket cooler whether you are overclocking or not.
  3. well, let me clarify by stating that i in fact have an aftermarket cooler. that stock cooler wasn't cutting it , as i was getting 75c on prime95 torture tests w/ just 10 minutes running.

    currently i've got a antec 620 liquid cooler attached. my idling is still sitting at 35-40. reading around i should be getting 29-33 idles, and at 100% loads, i shouldnt be exceeding 55c. especially considering my processor is not overclocked.

    another thing is, i wont be getting a new processor, all i can do is exchange for an existing processor. Drakoes, i agree with you, i should have gotten the 2nd gen chips, and even if i could exchange it for those models, that would entail purchasing a new MB.

    all i can hope for is that my chip is indeed faulty and the problem will be rectified.
    although i've been reading around and people are stating that they are getting temps stated above, they may also be in fact blowing smoke.

    in the end, i just need to know ( peace of mind i guess ) or just call me obssessive.

    in any event, for the case of an exchange, what should i say ? i can't possibly say that it is running hot. im almost certain that the workers may contest this and deny my exchange.
  4. If your going to exchange it for another processor simply say "After researching when I got home, I realized that (new processor your getting) just comes out to a better overall deal for my needs" BAM! Done, you're good lol
  5. If the cpu is otherwise working fine (no evidence of clock throttling), I'd concentrate on cleaning/reapplication of a quality thermal paste (Arctic Silver) to cpu heat shield and water block, and stop worrying if someone else's claimed temps in January with 65 degree F ambient indoor temps are lower than your readings taken in late June with 80 degree F ambient temps...
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