Upgrade to SB or wait for IB or SB-E class

Is it worth it to upgrade now to an i5-2500k
or just wait for the Ivy Bridge or the SB-E series?
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  1. It depends on your budget and usage, Ivy and SB-e will not be cheap (unlikely anyway).
  2. What is your current setup? If an i5 or i7 1st Gen 'core', then I'd say no. Maybe if using a Core 2 duo (I'm not up to speed on AMD tech, but whatever is equivalent).
  3. SNB-E definitely won't be cheap -- they are Intel's new extreme-performance chips. They will likely be $500, $700, and $1,000 for the three introductory models. You will also need an X79 mainboard and a quad-channel memory kit.

    IVB will likely be a little more expensive than current SNB processors. They are the mainstream replacement for current SNB CPUs, and will be compatible with most current 1155 mainboards after a BIOS update.
  4. If you truly need a system *now*, I'd go for SandyBridge; if you are using at least an older i5 or i7, I'd stand pat, and wait for the advent of Bulldozer and/or IvyBridge....
    (SandyBridge-E and accompanying socket 2011 mainboards will likely NOT be 'cheap')
  5. Well currently my specs are

    Intel Core 2 duo E6850
    Sapphire Toxic 6850
    Enermax 620W

    while im in no rush, im considering getting a new rig im just looking for input
    i have no budget at the moment, im not looking for top of the line but i mean 1 or 2 tiers down from the best would be sufficient
  6. Im more interested in looking for a Mobo and CPU type deal everything else is more of a preference
  7. If this is a pure gaming rig I suggest you wait until you upgrade the GPU as well because the E6850 is not holding back the 6850 in a major way.
  8. Perhaps would should wait a little bit for BD if you can.
    SBE is probably going to be $500/$700/$999 like stated above, plus the expensive Mobo; while IB is a long while from now.
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    I dont think there are many games that will give your cpu or gpu too much trouble, though you will definitely see a signficiant performance gain in some games by upgrading to sandy bridge.

    The short and easy answer is: if you are satisfied with current peformance, dont bother upgrading yet. If you are having frame rate issues, upgrade to sb.

    ivy bridge is going to be a major upgrade, so i would wait for that.
  10. Well i might as well wait then, im a FPS junkie but i like my things to run smooth to say the least at the high or max graphics. So i might as well get a second gpu, crossfire it in the mean time and wait
  11. I would imagine you would run into a CPU bottleneck if you tried crossfiring your card. You could try overclocking your cpu if possible until you eventually upgrade it.
  12. im running at 3.3 Ghz
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