Akasa 876 fan and phenom 2 quad core 955 black edition


Ive just upgraded my old socket 939 computer to a phenom 2 x4 955 black edition, asus M4A77t Mobo, and 4 gb ram,

My question is, will the Akasa 876 fan be good enough to keep it cool under gaming, at the moment ive got the stock fan on but i found this one lying about and thought id ask the people who know best

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  1. If your not overclocking it will be fine.
  2. Should be fine also depends on the case. For example I have a 965 and have it at 4.0ghz with the stock cooled and in gaming it never goes over 55c and in prime 95 it hits 66c max. BUT My case has tons of open space inside and also a side fan that hits the CPU so that helps.
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