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hello there i've ran into a problem. sorta. i have gts 450 video card and a 50'' samsung plasma. bought an hdmi to dvi cable for it hooked it up worked perfect. heres the crazy thing the sound also worked through the dvi to hdmi cable. dont ask how i dont know it just did i have no other cable hooked up to my pc to my tv. now all of a sudden the sound quit working. i dont get this. i know sound is not supposed to travel through dvi but through this hdmi to dvi cable it did. and now it doesnt any suggestions. thank you.

this is the truth i watched movies and tv shows through my computer on my tv and was using my tv remote to turn up the volume on the tv and the only cable i had hooked up was dvi to hdmi i dont get it
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  1. Did you update a driver when the problem began? Check the sound properties and make sure the hdmi option is selected.
  2. in my sound settings in control panel i had an option for samsung hdmi audio which is my tv i selected that as default. now when i switch over to my tv hdmi 3 input it automatically puts the sound through the tv which i want. this cable like i said is the only cable i have running from my computer to my tv is a dvi to hdmi cable. so it has to output sound through dvi. it is the only cable i have hooked up to my tv from my computer. dvi does output sound with hdmi on the other end as least it does for me.this could help people
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