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Does AsRock Z68 Extreme3 have intel sata controlers for max SSD speed?

I am hearing that you want to stay away from Marvell sata III controllers and find intel sata III controllers for maximum performance of your SSD drive.

I am leaning towards purchasing a AsRock Z68 Extreme3:

I've checked everywhere and I've seen posts that say most Z68's have the intel controllers (vs marvell) but other posts saying that Z68's don't? (maybe im not reading them correctly).

So does anyone definitively know if Z68 motherboards carry Intel controllers that will maximize SSD performance? (AsRock, Gigabyte)

What about the AsRock Z68 Extreme3? This is the board I want to purchase



Also I have an M4 crucial 64GB SSD...Besides OCZ vertex 3 and any other high performing but unreliable SSD, Can I get more bang for my buck and upgrade? Anything $100-150 price range. (space is not an issue as 64gb works fine for my OS/programs.)
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  1. The ASRock only has an Intel SATA controller with two 6.0 Gb/s connectors.
  2. GhislainG said:
    The ASRock only has an Intel SATA controller with two 6.0 Gb/s connectors.

    That's what I thought, I just wanted confirmation. Thanks!
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    All Z68's have 2 Intel sata III ports as it is in the chipset. If you see a Z68 that says 4 sata III ports then that is 2 - Intel + 2 Marvel based.

    You might chatch a M4, or Samsung 830 128 gig on sale for around $150 -> $175, but don't blink or they will be sold out.
    Skip the Agility 3 120 gig, often on sale - It's cheap for a reason.
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