How to tell what power supply you need

I just need to know what kind of power supply I will need.
Here are the specs:
Pentium D 3.2GHz proessor
MSI inlet l945GZ MotherBoard
250GB and 1.0 TB hard drive
1GB radeon HD 4550 graphics card
Samsung 22x DVD-RD IDE
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  1. Not much, 400W is fine. What's your budget?
  2. On a computer that old you dont want to invest more than needed.

    Antec 350w

    Corsair 400w
    (Corsair rebates are generally more trustable than many companies-- so this really will be $25)
  3. For power supply needs in zones I'm not too familiar with, I usually use a PSU calculator.
  4. a decent 300w PSU is all that's needed with a bit of room to spare. Peak power consumption on a rig like that would be approx 200 watts, due in large part to that Pentium D.
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