Phenom II 955


I have the following case fans setup

using a COoler Master Elite 430 case

1 120mm front fan - intake
1 120mm bottom fan - intake
1 120mm side fan - intake
1 120mm rear fan - exhaust (high speed)
1 120mm top fan - exhaust

I have an overclocked Phenom II x4 955 BE at 3.8 ghz paired with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus cooler (stock fan). I have my idle temps at 32 to 37 degrees and at full load the temps are about 51 degrees (prime 95). Voltages set to 1.3375 in bios.

So I was thinking of adding another fan on my Hyper 212 plus cooler in push/pull config. So will my airflow improve if I add another 120mm fan in push/pull. But I was wondering if I have another 120mm fan set in push/pull, how will it exhaust the hot air from the CPU (top or rear itself).

So should I move the high speed fan to the top for exhaust if the push/pull exhausts the hot air from the top.
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  1. Doubt it will help much, you have more than adequate cooling. If you switched everything to Delta high CFM fans you might see some additional cooling. But dear lord I would hate to sit next to your PC.

    You'd have to think water if you want significantly better cooling.
  2. ok, I know I have sufficient cooling but my only question to you is if I add another fan on my hyper 212 plus cooler. How will the hot air from it exhaust. will it exhaust from the top or rear.
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