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I have Intel 2.66 pentium 4 cpu ,2gb of ram and biostar G31 motherboard.. which graphic card will be suitable for these?? plz help
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  1. nothing.pentium 4 is biggest bottleneck ever.however hd 5670 or gt 240 are options right now for you.
  2. Yes, the 5670 and GT240 would be good cards to pair with this system.
  3. A sub 3GHz non hyper threaded 533MHz effective FSB P4? I'm not even sure I'd go that high. 5570 or GT220/9500GT might be a better fit.
  4. I kinda agree that a P4 2.66GHz CPU will bottleneck a HD 5670 a little, but it should still perform better than a HD 5570. Since the price difference is only $12 (after rebate and shipping), I would go for the HD 5670.

    HD 5570:

    HD 5670:
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