Please help setting up internet cable


I have a really slow dial up connection and someone is offering little higher speed cable so I decided to go with it.

But after he installed whatever was necessary he could not get the cable working. Sometimes we got connected but it would not download anything or kept getting disconnected. First time in along time my computer also started getting hung up and we had to pull the plug because Ctrl + Alt + Del wouldn’t work.

He has about 1.5 MBPS bandwidth and over 300 clients.

After trying he gave up and took an administrator’s advice and they suggested to uninstall Norton Antivirus that I have. I do not have the firewall.

I refused to do so because that will leave me wide open and could ruin my data and years of hard work when they are experimenting and connecting me to the internet without any antivirus or firewall.

Is Norton Antivirus the problem or is it their very low Bandwidth with so many clients?

They are coming back again today and I have to make a choice.

I haven’t even set up any firewalls which I was thinking about doing right after I got started with cable connection to protect myself further. Instead they are asking me to totally strip down.

It would take forever for me to reinstall Norton AV and get all the updates using my old dial up connection if this cable thing did not work out and it also will leave me wide open during the time they are doing the settings and checking for connection to see if it downloads anything from internet.

What is the real problem? And what should I do?

Please help.

Thank You,
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  1. A 1.5 Megabit connection shared to 300 clients is going to be VERY painfully slow. If everyone or even just a small number of those users were accessing it at once it wouldn't be much better than dialup, well 56k dialup at least. If you are choking on 14.4k dialup even a 1.5mb connection shared to 300 clients might be a tad better. I guess that is all relative though. I consider my 3mb adsl connection slow, lol. Especially when using the 45mb DS3 at school and getting 4-5megabyte/s downloads.

    Antivirus is not going to cause your internet to not connect. If you had a software firewall that "might" cause problems. If you do get this connection working I highly advise that you at least turn on the windows firewall. That will give some protection against worms so your antivirus doesn't have to deal with them all the time.

    What exactly did they put on/in your computer to "get it working"?

    Just a little side thing:
    If you have lots of valuable data that you have been working on for years you are definatly going to want to invest in some sort of backup system. The best option is usually an external usb2/firewire hard drive. Then you don't have to worry as much when messing with things on your computer :)

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  2. Thank you so much.

    I backed up data.

    They managed to get it started, very slow but better than dial up.

    They said that they have turned on their own firewall so that no one can access my computer and they also said that they have assigned me an ip address that I only can access it and no one from their network or others from Internet

    Is it possible and how do I know that?

    Also when I double click the two computer icon it shows I am connected at 10 Mbps and it only shows how many packets are sent and received not the actual bytes.

    What puzzles me is that the no of packets sent and received are almost same. Usually if they were Bytes then sent bytes are always less than bytes received.Does that mean someone is accessing my computer or stealing data?

    How much is one packet in KB?

    Thank you.


    How can I know the actual bytes being downloaded and uploaded?

    How do I know if someone else is accessing my computer or stealing data or hacking it?

  3. For that network it does seem possible that they could protect you from the internet w/ their firewall. however I don't think it will protect you from other users on that network. Having more sent packets than recieved could be a lot of things so I wouldn't rule other people peeping out. Just make sure all the accounts on your computer have passwords and you will be reasonably safe.

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  4. They have set me up in such a way that I don't need the password.

    I am automatically logged on when I start the computer or just by clicking their network icon.

    Am I in trouble?

    Should I ask them to set it up differently and if yes how?

    Thank You Much.

  5. Cable connections normally don't require you to enter login information or anything so you should be ok.

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  6. Thank you Folken,

    I can now sleep with a peace of mind.

    But I still should install a firewall. Correct?

    If yes any opinion between Zone Alarm or Zone Alarm Pro or Sygate or is there a better than those?

  7. I haven't used any software firewalls so I don't really know what is the best. I'd just go with what ever is free or cheapest for now though. If you really like it down the road you might as well buy it then. ZA is probably the best free one out there. At least that is what I gether from what people have said.

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