Optiplex gx 620 with 8800 GT

Iv just got this PC and was wondering what kind of Graphic card I could fit on it without upgrading the PSU. Iv upgraded the RAM to 3 GB

CPU: Pentium D 820 (2,8 MHz)

Think its the stock PSU with 230W on it. Im looking for some low end to medium graphics for runing videos, music and World of Warcraft on it.
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  1. no graphics card.if you want to run 8800gt,atleast 350 to 400 watts supply,and pentium d is simply sick.why you got pentium d?wasnt any dual core available?
  2. 8800gt consumes 105 watts,so it will never work with 230w
  3. Hmm, well Iv got already one Dell desktop PC GX 270, bought it a few years ago and fitted on it ATI radeon HD 2400 PRO 512 MB DDR3 AGP 8x and it works perfect with stock PSU and 2 gb of dual channel Kingmax RAMM.
    I was able to play Crysis on medium settings and World of Warcraft runs smooth with 50-80 fps while in free roam and 20-30 fps while in 25-40 man dungeons/raids. (maxed out settings with AA/Shadows/sun shafts disabled)
    My old GX 270 specs re:

    CPU: Pentium 4 HT 2,8 GHZ
    RAMM: 2 GB Kingmax dual channel DDR1
    HDD: 1 TB CaviarGP SATA
    GPU: ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO 512 MB DDR3 AGP 8x

    Now got this GX 620 for a very cheap price of 150 Euro with integrated 256 x600 ati grapshics and 128 MB in slot x600 SE card.
    But its kinda slow and crap so was looking to get a better graphics maybe 8800 GT or HD 4350 or maybe HD 5450 card into the PC without upgrading the PSU. Those are all very cheap GPUs.... dont really know which one to get.
    I dont really need and special graphics or High end graphics, just looking for a good card to be able to run movies, some of the never games and world of warcraft on it with atleast 30 FPS....
  4. you know hd 4350s and hd 5450s are 1/4 of 8800gt,8800gt is way to go.get it as soon as possible.its still shining on the sky.it will double up your gaming frame rates.pentium d isnt worth cpu.never call it as a gaming card.
  5. Heh the 8800 GT costs 40 EUro while the ATI HDs cost around 50-70 EURO so just wondering
    Anyway thanks for your help
  6. Its the Desktop one. But iv already decided to get some ATI HD 4670 Card into the PC or HD 4350
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