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Hi all, I know that the 6850 and 6870 are new tech and therefore should be the prefered buy over the 5850, however, the 6850 is a weaker card but more importantly a new 5850 is coming out:

With a price of £130 it is actually cheaper than the 6850 as well as being more powerful and having a cooling solution that may help OC it.
It also means it is a full £50 cheaper than the 6870.

So, do you think this card is worth it over the other options for performance?
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  1. if you are getting 5850 cheaper, then go for it. This is true that the chip in 5850 wil have the older technology as compared to 68XX however that will not be noticeable much.
  2. yes its worth it,because you know!whenever new cards come out,people would recommend getting the new gpu cuz they have new names and mostly people say that they have improvements over old series.just tell me how are they?dont they have directx11 support?dont they have eyefinity?dont they have horsepower?arent they ddr5?arent they with good features for a user?how you can call them old?just by name?if hd 6870 beats it in any benchmark,the difference would be just 1 or 2 fps.hd 5850 is a great card and has every thing future proof.its fine for your needs.its more than enough to run any directx11 game.good luck with your decision!!!:D
  3. In case you have an older motherboard with a PCI-e 1.0 slot, be aware that there are some compatibility problems with a PCI-e 2.1 video card.

    In that case make sure whichever card you buy is PCI-e 2.0.
  4. Compatibility won't be an issue, it's actually a new build I am putting together. I jsut know the 6xxx series handles tessalation better but was debating whether that justified buying one instead - if the 5850 outperforms the6850 but the 6850 is better at tessalation, does the 6850 actually outperform the 5850 with games using it or does it just end up matching performance as ordinarily it is weaker.

    To be honest I may save on the CPU and go AMD 955 instead of Intel i5 2500k and use the £80 on a more powerful card anyway...but I do tend to get mesmerised by new CPU tech which tempts me so much even though I know for gaming I should focus on the GPU more! Besides, a 5850 or similar card is plenty power, especially for MMOs I think (including the new ones coming out)
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