Shuttle Dimensions: 170 x 235 mm - another mobo out there?

I have a dead Shuttle motherboard - FM10 also marked as K45 or S5140

The dimensions wont fit standard micro form factor.

Proprietary mainboard design for K45: FN10
Chipset: Intel 945GC + ICH7
Dimensions: 170 x 235 mm

Has anyone figured out if there is another motherboard that would fit Dimensions: 170 x 235 mm so that I don't have to toss the cute cube case?

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  1. thats a 7 year old chipset. i doubt you will find any motherboards out there for your cpu. could be wrong though.
  2. true, however chip set not relevant, Dimensions: 170 x 235 mm relevant.

    CPU can go, I just need something to physically fit 170 x 235 mm
  3. Thank you, this will fit but the orientation is incorrect. All ports are on the side rather than at the back of the PCB.
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