New System Won't Boot to vista, blue screen flashes then reboot.

I recently purchased the components to build a new pc and canablised some old components to save money, mainly the HDD and the CD/DVD drive. After hours of building and ensuring I didnt ruin the CPU or the mobo by static and making sure everything was plugged in correctly I booted my computer. Things were going well; the logo screen and post screens appeared fine and all the fans, especially the CPU fan, were all running and everything was going well until it tried to boot windows vista home edition 32 bit. The loading bar when the OS boots appears for about a second before a blue screen flashes up with text, too fast to read, then the whole system restarts again. I could sit for hours going round the same cycle.

So this is a massive cry for help because I've just spent about £600 for a computer that dont work haha This is my first system build but I'm used to upgrading my old pc with new components all the time.

My system spec is:
CPU: Intel i7 950 LGA1366
MoBo: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Rev 2
PSU: Corsair 850W
Case: HAF 922
HDD: Hitachi HDT725025vla380 250GB
Optical Drive: Optiarc DVD RW AD-72
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks :D
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  1. Did you format the HDD before using in your new system? If not, the current installation of Windows is searching for a motherboard and its components that aren't present. This conflict can sometimes result in BSOD.

    Another possibiltiy is that your RAM is faulty. Running MemTest86+ would be your best shot at testing RAM.

    In order to read the text on the blue screen (properly called Stop Errors), get into the Advanced Boot Options menu by repeatedly pressing the F8 key just after powering on the system. In the menu, select the option to disable restart on boot failure.

    Edit to correct link to MT86+
  2. I fell like such an idiot for forgetting that haha I'm formating the drive now in preperation for installing Windows 7. Thanks alot and thanks for the quick reply :D Hopefully I can get this thing running :D
  3. Okay bad news, i managed to get my system to boot from the windows 7 disk and started the custom install and i get this error message: "windows could not format a partition for disk 0. The error occured will preparing the partition selected for installation. error code 0x80070057"
  4. This is likely because Windows 7 installer is having difficulty finding the hard drive. Some people find that replacing the SATA data cable fixes this issue.
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