Will my C2D e7300 bottleneck a HD5770?

The e7300 is a stock at 2.66. I will be gaming at 1680 x 1050

EDIT: im also thinking about the 6850 or the GTX 460. Will the cpu bottleneck those cards?
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  1. No, I got a e7200 and despite the crap i/o that socket 775 has it is enough for two 9800gt in sli. What is the rest of your system like?
  2. e7300
    Asus P5QL-E mobo
    Nvidia 8400gs 512mb
    4GB DDR2
  3. I would say that you are likely being held back a bit. try scaling back the resolution, if the fps does not significantly improve, then you are being bottlenecked by your cpu. Beyong a "bottleneck" in some games that like fast quads you will definatley held back with respect to performance. I would oc that cpu a bit and see if your fps improve at all, if it does than your cpu is likely holding you back.
  4. I would say that the 5770 is not worth buying at this point unless you are really strapped for cash (regardless of a small bottleneck) go for a 6850/gtx 460 imo that is the best buy for your res right now, and your could carry your gpu into a new build down the road...
  5. Regardless of the euro above has to say you can easily overclock your cpu with that board.
  6. huh im no friggin euro, im American dammit, never said he couldn't oc the cpu, unless you werent referring to me, but either way yeah he can easily oc the processor and get a mid level gpu and he will be good to go, whats the beef?
  7. Ego for the ages you have. <_<
  8. get the cooler master hyper 212+ it is a good cheap cpu cooler for your overclock if you decide to go that route
  9. nforce4max said:
    Ego for the ages you have. <_<

    huh im confused bro and frankly don't care... the op needs to oc and get a new gpu what else is there to discuss, I'm 28 years old if it makes a difference to you but I dont kow what your talking about, besides you are the one who called me a "euro" so drop it/
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