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5830 eyefinity help-- too many adapters?

I have a 5830, attempting to set up eyefinity across 3 monitors. Two are hooked up with DVI to VGA adapters. The third is through my displayport. I had to purchase the Active displayport adapter, but I got the Accell Active Displayport adapter to DVI-D; I have this running into a DVI-D to DVI-I adapter, and then into a DVI-I to VGA adapter for my third monitor.

I cannot get the third monitor to work. Windows 7 and CCC recognize it, but will still only display the two DVI-VGA monitors. What's wrong?

Does the DVI-D to DVI-I adapter kill the active link? Or is it something else? I've followed Sapphire's instructions closely on how to run eyefinity. I've also looked everywhere for a solution. Thanks in advance.
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    Your problem is that the DVI-D does not carry anolog signal (VGA) and can only be used for digital monitor.
  2. Agreed, you will need a DisplayPort to DVI-I and then DVI-I to VGA.

    Failing that, a monitor that supports a digital connection (DVI or HDMI).
  3. great. I just found this: active displayport adapter to VGA-- this should still carry a 1080p analog signal correct?
  4. Yes it should.
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