Just bought a new CPU and it freaks out on me when...

I just bought the new AMD Phenom II x4 965 stock 3.4 no OC'ing and when i play games at max settings my CPU freaks out i get a total freeze and have to manually restart my comp. Im thinking its my motherboard. I have a Biostar TA870+ and their site says that my OPN: HDZ956FBGMBOX isnt compatable with the motherboard. I asked the tech guy where i bought it and he said as long as its an AMD Chipset itll work just fine. OK so is he wrong or.....
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  1. Specs are
    Mobo is a BiostarTA870+
    8gigs of ddr3
    AMD Phenom II x4 965 stock 3.4
    2 OC 6850s xfired
    850 watt zahlman dual heat pipe PSU
  2. Oh one more thing the comp was fine with my old 560 black edition....This ONLY started after installing the 965 was also wondering if it could be a bad CPU?
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    The guys advice is on the bad side. You can't just generalize a chipset. O well it an amd chipset should be fine. Sound like he doesn't know much about hardware. I am not a fan of Biostar boards at all. I would ditch that board.
  4. I'm thinking about buying the MSI 890FXA-GD65. From what I can tell they run most all of the newer AMD CPU's no problem. Whats your thoughts on that. And yeah wont be buying another Biostar mobo again.
  5. That MSI board looks good, they have a BIOS update for it so you would be able to run a Bulldozer CPU in the future as well.
  6. Ah very cool. Heard allot about the new bulldozer. Hope they come out with games that will support it soon. Although I have hear rumors that you can configure the cores or something to run as a quad or roids. Not sure if that's a factual rumor but that would indeed be pretty hot.
  7. It's my understanding that the differences between the 890 V 990 chipset series is that you can't run a SLI configuration with the 890 chipset but you can still run Crossfire no problem.
  8. Thats cool itll lock more people into the AMD market.
    More money for them means cheaper hardware and better products ya know.
  9. Anyways gonna go and buy the new motherboard now ill let ya know how it works for me when i get back and install it.
  10. Just bought the 99fxa gd80 what an awsome board. Makes a huge difference in the fluidity of my whole system.
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