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i have a dell 580s inspiron series itz a slimline desktop. recently i have installed a nvidia gt 430 graphic card. when i play games on it after sometime video signals become weak and also itz temp reaches to 88 this is due to my powersupply?? if yes how can i upgrade it?? any suggestion & guidance???
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  1. What are the symptoms of "the video signals become weak"?
  2. probably a cooling issue, and its affecting the ramdacs creating the vga signal. very unlikely to be a psu issue with that card. But an explanation of the symptoms would help.
  3. itz like flickering of screen or itz like when WATCHING tv & channel is not clear & Z type line is coming on tv screen
  4. overheating, how many fans are in your case and how are they set up?
  5. there is only one fan :-((
  6. also my powersupply is 250 w is it enough??
    can you plz help me abt heating issue??
  7. one on the psu and one in the case? which way is the air flowing from the case fan if there is one.

    Do you have a house fan? can you take the side off the case and point the fan at the case? if it works better like this then we can do something to improve airflow in the case. It will need you to buy at least one more fan if this is proven to be an issue.

    What are your temps in the house at the moment?

    for a GT430, you are probably very close on the PSU.
  8. psu fan is downwad facing towards the motherboard & the case fan is upward facing towards the roof
  9. the temp of my house is 25-34 c
  10. and the case fan is pulling air from the case to the outside?

    if this is the case can you move the case fan so that it is pulling air from the outside to the inside, and is placed near the front of the case?
  11. Im attaching the pics of my computer
    here is the link
  12. can you please not upload them as rar's as i do not know what the content is. can you upload them to picassa or similar where I can be more sure that they are pictures. Thanks. I'm sure you understand why.
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    I've commented on image 3, more fans are needed. especially as it is a passivley cooled GPU, can you cable-tie a fan to the graphics card?

    basically point a fan from somwhere at the heatsink.
  14. thanx dude i owe this if u can plz suggest me a fan
  15. it all comes down to what is available near you and what fits in the case, fans come is 40mm, 60mm, 80mm 120mm sizes, along the edge of he square. so see what size gaps you have in the case where you can point a fan at the heatsink (black grill thing) and order to fit that size.
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  17. if i consider an option of changing my cabinet,would it fry up my motherboard since dell use other psu???
  18. shouldn't do, you'll need to check to see if your mobo and psu meet ATX specs.
  19. So i have to punch a hole in my cabinet to put a fan in it
  20. not ideal, just make sure you are pointing the fan at your graphics card. or you could get a non-passively cooled card, BUT this will be a lot more expensive and might expose weaknesses in your power supply and other components.
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