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My monitor only supports 1024 x 768 and i ordered an hd4870 today. Is it the best card for this resolution? Could it last me a few good years? ( not gonna upgrade monitor )

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  1. A 4870 is massive overkill for that resolution, onboard graphics can handle that resolution pretty well, i wouldnt have gone for anything higher than a 4650 as that should easily max stuff out at that resolution, getting a 4870 without plans to upgrade the monitor is wasting money, i dont care what you use the system for that monitor wont let a 4870 come anywhere close to its full potential.
  2. I just want to be futureproof..
  3. im gonna use it for playing games, btw the card only costed me 50 euro's^^
  4. sometimes it is not about future proof. at that resolution you might want to look at your CPU as well. at your current resolution your CPU might not be able to keep with your GPU hence you won't see it's true potential. and i know some people don't believe this future proof thing. in my opinion it is better to have balance system so you can get all the worth you spend your money on.

    just few of my cents
  5. It should last you a few years.
  6. yeah well that gpu will be more than enough for that res, I run nearly all modern games at that res with a 256mb 8600gts... save your money for a future upgrade and enjoy your excellent performance on a small monitor :)
  7. ok thanks :)
  8. You could probably get a secondhand 17" monitor with 1280 x 1024 res really cheap, that would be a good investment if your low on cash as that res is where stuff starts looking good.
  9. ^+1 thats a really good idea and the 4870 should be excellent at that res
  10. I can get one for just 5 euro's .. i used to have one but it died . Perhaps i'll just do that
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