What is the best way to keep P.C. dust free?

I have never cared about keeping my P.C. dust free and clean till now, what is the best way?
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  1. Canned air. Just blow it out about once a month. And while I have heard it is bad for the computer components, I have never had issues using an air compressor...not on full blast obviously.
  2. That's a good way to keep it clean but the computer will just attract dust again. It might be worth it to put in fan filters (you could look em up on tiger direct). There are other options but I don't know them.
  3. Dust filters, and use an air compressor.
  4. I just finished a build for a heavy smoker. His old computer was disgusting with a mix of tar and dustbunnies hanging everywhere inside the computer. During that build, I discovered these little beauties:

    DemciFlex DemciFilters

    It's a very fine mesh filter that attaches to the outside of the case and are easily removed for cleaning (they are attached with a magnetic frame).

    You can purchase them at www.frozencpu.com and www.performance-pcs.com.
  5. Would you say that dust filters are only necessary on fans that are sucking in air? Surely ones blowing out would blow dust away anyway?
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