HDMI sound card to Mini/Micro USB dac?

Well i was looking at the Xonar HDAV 1.3 slim audio card, it outs audio via HDMI

I was wondering if it would work with a typical usb dac amplifier. I want to buy the RSA predator which uses a mini usb. So, I know the samsung galaxy phone has an hdmi to mini usb cable...would this cable work on any other usb dac?

if so...this is a whole new level of audio quality. It would be much easier on us audiophiles if there were an internal soundcard that outted via usb lol :[
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  1. w8 you want to output the soudncard onto the phone???

    ...and you want to use that card, for music?? id only recommend people getting taht card if they want to use it for HD audio out on their computers. otherwise, the card is not needed at all.

    the hdmi output, on that soundcard, wasnt just meant for HDMI connectivity, its more then just that.
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