Need help- 750watt psu enough?

Good day folks- I am changing certain parts of my pc. The machine was originally tailored to run 2 5870s in crossfire, in a AMD Phenom X6 system, and is based on a competent ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 mobo built for the purpose of OC and XFire, 2 hard drives and some other misc items. The psu to support this was a solid themaltake 750w model.

However in anticipation of the price drops with regards to the Southern Islands chips that may hit the benches in August- I decided to muck about and do a single chip GTX480 config on the board. This setup has run well for the last 3 months, and now as I intend to sell the 480 in the near future as the prices of the chip have gone up. Before that- for reasons too lengthy to add to the page, I am buying a 460 as a dedicated physX card and an overall secondary card. Soooo.... all my jewish machinations aside:

Will a 750watt PSU be able to support a Phenom X6 based configuration of:

1) 480+460
2) 6970+460

And if not-
3) Can a computer use a PSU that is much stronger then the needs of the components?
4) If yes- what good, quiet PSUs would you recommend for a future-proofing ability to support 2 top range Xcrossfired chips and a dedicated physX card in the guise of 460.

Thanks folks
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  1. Yes, you can use a power supply that's way MORE than you need - it will simply draw less current from the supply. There are an awful lot of PCs out there that have a >500W PSU despite the PC drawing only maybe 100-150W.

    There are a variety of good power supplies, but for a quiet one, I like the Seasonic X series - just pick one that will comfortably cover your expected draw.
  2. i believe there is one that is sold by corsair that will turn off fan when not on load
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