Give me a suggestion for build workstation

I am doing Graphical works like Maya, 3dx Max, Z Brush like that.

I want to built a new Workstation with 2 * Amd Opeteron 6168 (1.9GGhz 12 core processor)( so total 24 cores) + 16 gb Ram ddr3 (1333)

If we have more cores our Rendering work will be done quickly according to my experience. And some Applications run sommothly am i right or not (really i am confusing in this regard)

Intel is more expensive and that to in workstation series intel processors having only 6 cores. ( And expensive also compared with amd 12 core processor)

So please guide me which system is best to my Works(For Smooth real time working) and Rendering purpose also.

Please give your valuaable suggestions and openions also. thanks for your time and attention
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  1. If it's very high graphical stuff and lots of 3D imaging and 3D image rendering I would recommend a high-end graphics card, and not your everyday gaming graphic card.

    The PNY nVidia Quadro 4000 is a great start. It's $780 ($580 after a $200 mail-in rebate). From the reviews on Amazon, maybe people use this for high-end rendering for Maya, 3D Max, Premier, ZBrush and more.
    People did use this for gaming - although it's not intended for that so you will not get extremely high frames on a game.

    Other than that, everything seems good. Having all those Cores will surely make rendering much faster. The graphics card will give you MUCH better real-time editing and working.

    Quadro 4000 ($580):

    Quadro 5000 ($1,180):

    Graphics Card Specs: (Quadro 4000 / Quadro 5000)
    Frame Buffer Memory: 2GB GDDR5 / 2.5GB GDDR5
    Memory Interface: 256-bit / 320-bit
    Memory Bandwidth: 89.6 GB/s / 120 GB/s
    CUDA Parallel Processing Cores: 256 / 352
    Max Power Consumption: 142W / 152W
    Display Connectors: DVI-I (1), DP (2), Stereo (1) / DVI-I DL (1), DP (2), Stereo (1)
    Number of Displays Supported: 2 / 2
    Graphic Bus: PCI Express 2.0 x16 / PCI Express 2.0 x16
    Warranty: 3 Year / 3 Year
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