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Could a Nvidia PCI 512mb 9500gt and a PCIE2.0 512mb 9500gt video card be linked through SLI? Or are they not compatible due to the interface types?

Much Appreciated.
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  1. Not compatible due to interface types.

    The cards have to be the same, e.g., same interface type, model, vram size, and speed! If one card is OC'd and one is not, the OC card will underclock to the other card's speed (I think, I'm pretty certain this is true).
  2. PCIE 2.0 cards are backwards compatible.
    So it should work, they just have to be the same gpu, if one has less/ diff. ram/speed than the other the sli system uses the lower value for both.
  3. ^true
    If one card has higher values but is the same name/model it will be underclocked to meet the lower tiwer model.
  4. Are they both PCI-Express x16?
    Or is one PCI and the other is PCI-E?
  5. I just noticed that! They both have to be PCI-E not PCI!
  6. Based on his original post, I assumed that one was PCI, and the other was PCI-Express (Note, not PCI-Express 1.0 vs 2.0, but literally PCI vs PCI-E).
  7. ^yes thats what i thought too.PCI-Express 1.0/2.0/2.1 won't matter.But if 1 card is PCI and the other is PCI-E then that will not work.

    You have to clairfy with us plz.
  8. Thanks for all the replies but I was pretty specific in the regards of the PCI types. Im sorry you got confused.

    Thanks again, boris told me what I needed to know.
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