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Which video card should i get?

I am currently building a new i7-2600k system

i have a Dell 30 inch monitor. and the rest of the components, just need to decide on the video card.

I was looking at the Radeon 6970, GTX 570, Radeon 5870(which is $199 AR on newegg) possible CF, GTX 470.

I just want something that will give me the most bang for my buck.
i originally set my budget at $300, but am willing to go up a tad if the performance is enough
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  1. i just read up on the 560, seems like the perfect choice. i guess i'll wait until tuesday to see how it is
  2. First decide , if you want to go for NVIDIA or ATI,,, as both hv different combinations of powers packed, that way you would be able to make a wiser choice.
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    I love the 2560 x 1600 monitors; I have two, one for gaming, and the other for static stuff.

    You have to realize that the graphics card will need to drive twice the number of pixels compared to the typical 1080P monitor.

    I did OK with a 5870, but changed to a GTX580. It made a difference.

    The 6970 or GTX570 will be reasonable, but if the extra $150 over a GTX570 or 6970 will not kill you, I suggest the GTX580.

    The extra cost will hurt for a week or so, but the buyer's remorse and lingering desire for the best will last much longer.
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