Can i run DDR2 1066 memory on Abit IP35-E?


The Abit IP35-E motherboard specs say its DDR2 800 compatible, but no mention of 1066 - can I put in 1066 memory and clock it down to 800?

I've got an old self build PC that my wife mostly uses for general web surfing and occational video editing. As websites and software has advanced, the current 2GB DDR2 800 RAM is starting to struggle a little.

A mate has got 4 x 2GB DDR2 1066 memory spare and has offered it if its any use.


Many Thanks in advance!

Abit motherboard specs page:
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  1. It should work. It will only be run at 800MHz.
  2. You'll be fine, it will just run at 800 MHz. Might get lucky and have it operate at 1066 anyway, but that's the outside chance.
  3. Thank you!

    I'll stick it in and see how we get on!
  4. 1066MHz DDR2 memory can run on Abit IP35-E, for sure.

    Currently I have OCZ sticks ( running @ ~1080MHz on my Abit IP35-E. That setup works fine and stable.

    I have tried also Kingston HyperX sticks (,2024-5.html) and I had 2 x 1GB sticks running stable at ~1070MHz with latency timings of 4-5-5-12... with Intel Q9650 @ 4GHz.

    That motherboard (and IP35 Pro) must be one of the best boards for LGA775 overclocking. There aren't many deep clocking options in BIOS, but still enough to reliably pump things up. And then that board just seems to keep going like a train.
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