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Hey, I need some help picking out the components for my first build. I only have 700$ to spend. I have came up with a build but am not sure if it will work out and if its the best bang for my money. Most of the components I am buying are from Craigslist, but only the motherboard and video card are used. Help is appreciated.

CPU: AMD x4 965 Black Edition-100$

RAM: Crucial 4gb 240pin- 50$

Gpu: Sapphire HD5870 1gb - 180$

Motherboard: msi 790fx- 80$

PSU- Seasonic m12 620 watt plus bronze certified modular- 90$

Cd- Asus sata 24x- 20$

Hdd- Samsung f3 1tb- 56$

Case- NZXT lexa s lexs- 70$

OS- Windows 7 64 bit- already have.
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    The gpu is a ripoff considering you can get a brand new XFX card for 170 right now from newegg.

    are you sure the cpu is not used? because the price you listed is $40 below the going rate. just something to make sure of.

    make sure the RAM is DDR3. you could get it a little cheaper on newegg ($40).

    but otherwise it looks fine
  2. Yea I made sure the cpu isn't used. Thanks for all the help.
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