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    Ah, I see, yes. Well that's your problem all right.
  2. Oops. Anyways I have a weird computer issue dont really know what the problem has to do with anything. First off the problem i am having is while gaming. Here at my specs. Intel core 2 quad 2.5 q8300, 8 g ddr2 ram, nvidea gtx460 factory overclocked 1 gig version, vista 64 bit. But anyways this might sound weird but when i restart my computer from then on for about 4 hrs after it makes my most of my games (at least the new ones) lag or stutter in certain spots making the game not even playable in my standard. I am playing all my gams in a native resolution 1360 x 768. (I'm playing on a 37 inch lcd which is only 720p). still looks really good. but anywasy i always atleast play with all settings up and anti aliasing at at least 4x. and the benchmarks that i have done on alot of my new games i get around 60 fps average. very good in my opinion at least im happy with it. but ya see the thing is if i leave my computer on lets say for like 4 hrs or up to a day.. even if i put the computer in sleep mode, i get no lag or stuttering in my gameplay. but when i do get the lag from lets say restarting my computer my fps dont change its like a delay/freeze/ almost like loading idont know. only does it if i restart the computer. what is up wit hthat? i havea good gaming machine and i have to wait like 4 hrs after a restart to play my games glitch free. ps none of this came about until i upgraded my old vid card from gt 220 to gtx460. i also updaded the power supply to the proper amout of watts
  3. what im trying to say is... Why am i getting shitty performance only after i restart my computer? If i let it sit for like 4 hrs i have no problems.
  4. Have you recently done a disk defrag?

    Might just need to do some PC tune ups... defrag, run Ccleaner and fix up the registry. Also if you have a lot of bloatware at startup it might be causing issues (although 4 hours does seem excessive)

    You could also try a proper driver delete using Driver Sweeper (after the regular "uninstall") and then reinstall after a reboot.
  5. I defrag almost daily because of my downloading habbits. somtimes 10 gigs at a pop. so i know thats not it. also i just dont see why anything could be causing this because like i said it fixes it self after just sitting. it makes no sense
  6. also nothing in startup that is bottling down machine. i actually have nothing in startup the only thing that starts up when i reboot is power iso which i cannot change. and my anti virus
  7. I assume your checking your startup programs under msconfig. If it is not a program that is starting up then it might be a program that is updating. Why it would take 4 hrs I have no idea. I would also update AV software and run. You might have a virus of some kind. Did you make any changes to your system like a new video card? Could be an issue with the video driver. Just some areas to eliminate.
  8. I just noticed that you said it started when you upgraded the video card. I would try an driver cleaner program and reinstall the driver first. Some times I have had problems when upgrading from one card to another with the same manufacturer. If that doesn't fix the problem I would make sure that all the motherboard drivers and bios are up to date.
  9. if it was a driver issue then wouldnt it be a problem all the time? my problem is not all the time. and as far as i nkow i have no virus and nothing is running or updating in the background. nothing takes 4 hrs. it just seems that ist he amount of time it takes to not stutter every now and then.
  10. rybone1983 said:
    if it was a driver issue then wouldnt it be a problem all the time? my problem is not all the time. and as far as i nkow i have no virus and nothing is running or updating in the background. nothing takes 4 hrs. it just seems that ist he amount of time it takes to not stutter every now and then.

    I wouldn't put any issue past drivers. Software can make some strange issues. There has always been issues with video drivers and uninstalling. Seems ever since they went to a single driver you'll occasionally run across some glitches when upgrading. It's worth eliminating.
  11. I'm thinking its a background program like AV doing a scan or update also could be windows downloading and updating in the background.

    I turn that stuff off when I game with the fusion utility, solved my system lagging real bad in sc2.
  12. I also know all of this. This stuff you guys are mentioning is stuff that i look at right away. I would'nt be on this forum if i hadnt tried about everything. speaking of about the only other option i have is to reformat. and that i have no idea if it will even help it. if it is a virus i guess maybe that would get rid of it. who knows. one thing i was looking into was svchost.exe or whatever it is.
  13. and what you mean program like AV?
  14. Antivirus
    What kind of CPU do you have?
  15. q8300 asus motherboard intel core 2 quad bone stock @2.5 ghz 8 g ram
  16. You can try to download and mod the AMD Fusion utility to work with your intel cpu and see if that does anything for you.

    your going to need win vista or 7 for version 2.0
    win xp needs v1.1

    It basically kills all the extra processes that are not required for you(an easy button), If your game does not lag after this it means there is a program slowing down your system, but if it is still lagging it means it's driver related
  17. that sounds like a pain in the ass. for one i have no experience with any amd stuff and or the utility program what makes you think i can mod it? is it that easy? I mean do you know how to to do it. honesly can you say that my problem is extremely strange or what!?
  18. Let me find you the site that tells you how to do it.
  19. Most probably ur antivirus is doing a quick scan @ startup, usually they scan windows folder plus the dependencies of startup objects including services(scans their required files). just remove from ur antivirus the quick scan in start up. other problem might be that windows get rotten after some time(full of junk files inside system folders and program files, unnecessary services running, etc), the only solutions is to backup and reformat. an average user usually once per year
  20. Well I reformat and reinstall at the drop of a hat. If all else fails, it usually solves the problem if it is software related.
  21. @cisco, yeah i agree reformating is the easiest solution to most problems. i dont see how it can be any of these things if it takes like 4 hrs.
  22. and btw everything i read about this program makes it sounds like it doesnt work. there are no facts to back it up
  23. another thing is funny as well. if i really wanted to. i could probably watch a movie and play most of my games at the same time and not have lag. you guys arent understanding my problem. i dont have other things bogging down memory or other stuff updating and what not. and if i did, i would hve no problem. my problem is only after i resart and for the following 2-3 hrs.
  24. Well then stop beating around the bush and do what we tell you to, to me it sounds like you want us to give you answer like this press this key answer is solved, it doesn't work that way.

    You have to trouble shoot just like the rest of us, if you don't want to attempt to do this well can't help you then.

    If you were referring to amd fusion app not working it does, I have it in my system, I'd always lag out of sc2 and now after I start that baby up no more lag and my fps stay above 30 in intense scenes before it used to like .25 fps a frame every 4 seconds, so it works.
  26. rybone1983 said:


    Seriously tho if you're not going to try anything you can just leave now and suffer with the issues.
  27. why dont u go and defrag your comp noob
  28. rybone1983 said:
    why dont u go and defrag your comp noob

    How about you stop posting trash! noob! :sarcastic:

    Joking guy...but you can reframe from calling him a noob. More like misguided.
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