Possibly broken motherboard? Tough question.

Hi all,

I recently decided to overclock my old rig (description at the bottom) using dry ice to cool it down. This was for a school project. However, a decent amount of condensation was built up and there was several drops of water on the motherboard. This is around the time when the computer would not turn on any more. The first time that the computer would not boot up was when I first switched the heatsink (also this was not properly attached so that it would be easier to remove, however it worked fine with it on) to the dry ice canister. At this time, I would turn the system on, and for a brief second everything would start up, and then power down again. After this, I wiped the motherboard from water and even waited for about a few hours for it to dry up, and also used a hairdryer to speed up the process. After this, the system would turn on, without any screen image , and the fan of the gpu sounds like its on a loop, starting over and over again. I am therefore unable to enter the BIOS as there is no image on the screen.

My question is, could the CPU or the mobo be broken? because even when i switched out the heatsink, the temperature of the CPU was room level while the computer was turned on. Could the malfunctioning of the CPU be based on the motherboard? because power is still getting to the fans and gpu. The dram LED is continuously blinking and I have tried to clear the CMOS, MemOK! and powered off for even 3 days since I was gone for vacation. I have switched the ram placement and even took it out ,and same loop. I need the diagnosis immediately.

Thank you in advance
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  1. My specs:

    AMD Athlon X3 450 (Rana)
    2GB Kingston 1033MHz RAM
    Cooler Master Elite Case
    Asus m4a88t-m motherboard
    CoolerMaster 500W PSU
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