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P8z68-v/Gen3 startup issue

Hi, I'm having a weird start-up issue where when I press the "on" button, my computer starts up (all fans spinning) for about 3-5 seconds. then everything shut down, including the fans, and the computer seems to reboot/boot. then I get the bios screen and boots straight into windows. I haven't had a single problem with actual usage, and haven't had any crashes. I'm just wondering if other people experience the same strange "reboot" at the beginning. and if I can resolve it for a faster boot-up.

My specs are
mobo: asus p8z68-v/gen3
Intel-i5 2500k OC:4.6gHz, offset vcore (-0.3, with 1.38-1.39V at 100% load on prime95 at ~68C)
Cooler master 612PWM cpu cooler
corsair vengeance DDR3 ram 4X4GB
sapphire factory OCed radeon 7950 (was OCing, defaulted to stock clock and still has the same start up phenomenon...)
corsair TX850w PSU
NZXT Phantom full tower

Thanks in advance!
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    check out this thread , if reconnecting everything and making sure they are in the right place then t looks like the BIOS is trying to re-set itself because it thinks it's unstable. Also, you OCed via the BIOS right? Also, did you install the EPU software that came with the driver DVD? ,Could be your mobo deciding it doesn't like the OC and trying to reset ,could be that your GPU and your OC are abit too much for the PSU , it might not be able to give enough amps from a cold boot. Thats why it starts, resets, warms up and then starts again with enough power to run fine.
  2. Thanks, will try taking a second look at everything when I get home. yes I OCed via BIOS, and I did install the EPU software but currently have the feature turned off via BIOS. I think the GPU is probably the issue. I was initially running 2X 6870s CF (which require more power) and didn't have this so the PSU should be fine. but then again, who knows what ungodly amount of power the 7950 might be drawing at startup...
  3. All set :) I rechecked all my wiring, everything was fine. so I switched out the 850W PSU for a 1050W 80+ gold (thermaltake). and that fixed the reboot issue. apparently the corsair wasn't giving enough power from a cold boot for that beastly 7950 OC edition GPU
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