Computer Blue Screening and Making the BSOD noise randomly

Hey guys

I have been experiencing some issues with my computer recently.
It has been Blue Screening randomly and when idle (mostly when idle).
Say if i leave my computer for 10 mins on the desktop, it will restart itself with a BSOD error when i login.
My other problem is that when im using my computer (ie. playing games, listening to music, ect.) i randomly hear the noise that a BSOD makes, but my computer doesn't BSOD. Its not freezing, just making that noise. It makes it for a second then computer runs like normal.

Computers specs:
AMD Phemon II x2 555
Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H
ATI Gigabyte 5770 1GB
Seagate Barracuda 1TB with Seagate Barracuda 500GB (not raid)
4GB Corsair Ram

Please help,

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  1. Do you think thats enough information for anyone here to guess what could possible be going on with your system?

    When you get a repeatable blue screen, turn off the reboot option so you can see what its trying to tell you.

    Then test everything you can. Memtest, Prime for cpu and RAM since you say it happens at idle.

    And since most people seem to have viruses, run the scanner at malwarebytes dot org first and make sure it isnt a virus....
  2. Im running Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I have took a picture of one of my other BSOD's that happened after closing a game, it was a Kernel Data Inpage error 0x0000007a.
    I will try out some mem tests today and see if that picks up anything.
    And also i have ran some virus scans with malwarebytes when i started noticing it, it would get to around 30% in and then it would bsod itself, but i recently ran a spyware search with spybot and that picked up nothing but cookies. norton doesnt pickup any virus's when it does its weekly scan. so i dont think it would be virus or spyware related.
  3. I tested out my RAM using windows memory diagnostic tool, using 1 ram stick at a time and didn't pick up anything wrong with my ram. any suggestions on what else it could be?
  4. do you have coon n quiet on in the bios? it undervolts the cpu while idle. It shouldnt cause BSODs but you still might want to try turning it off and see if that helps
  5. yea i did have it on, and turned it off. ill see how my computer goes when idle now.
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