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Hello, im builidng a new pc this summer for my engineering class. the thing is i want a computer case that looks good and cools well. the closest thing to perfect ive found for me is the coolermaster haf x, but ive read reviews saying the front i/o panel can kill your mobo. is this true? also can you reccomend alternate cases. i want dust filters, lots of fans, room behind mobo tray for cable management, and a tooless design would be great
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  1. i dont see how the front panel can kill your mobo unless it has been wired incorrectly or the colourings are misguided, even if it does it will only short circuit the usb hub and technically almost impossible to kill your mobo altogether, or you were implying something different?
    my personal favorite case is
    its genius because it uses the air at the ground lvl of the room to cool out the system, and it doesnt keep the powersupply at the bottom. the heat in any room is distributed unevenly such that the top is at a higher temperature than the bottom, the description of which involves some simple boltzman statistics. the same scenario applies inside your case, however the it is more extreme as the high temperature inside the case, increases this probablity exponentially.
    so in basic terms if you put a hot PSU at the bottom of ur case, it will make the air around it heat up and move upwards towards ur mobo etc. in raven you dont get that problem as psu is nowhere near any components and the air flow is upwards.
    i have heard if noisecancellation is the priority lian li cases are very good
  2. I don't like the raven series too much, they r expensive and the mobo placement is weird it rotated 90 degrees which I don't like
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