Need Help Picking a Mobo for i5-2500k


I'm a first-time builder, and am stumped on which mobo to pick. I've looked at many p67 and z68 mobos on newegg and I can hardly make sense of the specs (I can't tell much of a difference between a $290 board and a $130 board).

Since I plan on using an SSD and a dedicated video card, z68 doesn't seem worth it, but it seems like everyone's steering towards z68 regardless. Below are the specs that I'd like for my build:

i5 2500k - no plans on overclocking just yet
16gb 1600 mhz ram
geforce gtx 560 ti (1 to start, plan to SLI in future)
800W PSU
250gb SSD
BR reader
mobo - no clue

This will be a gaming pc, so all I need is a mobo that is sli capable, with maybe a free slot to add a sound card down the road if i'm not satisfied with the onboard audio. I'm open to either p67 or z68, and open to any brand - I just need something to fit my needs (eventual 2 way sli + open slot for sound card, may or may not overclock cpu in the future). Thanks in advance for the help.
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