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hi, basically i bought a new monitor and it only comes with one dvi connection and i didnt care because i have external speakers. but now i want to hook my xbox to my monitor and im wondering if this cable would work:

basically i was going to plug the hdmi into the xbox 360, then plug the dvi into my monitor, and my external speakers have an adapter for an analog signal(red/white) would this work?
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  1. if what i said seems weird let me know ill rephrase it
  2. is there an alternative way to get the video on my monitor and audio through the speakers, i use 1080p so it has to be hd
  3. anyone?
  4. What are your system specs. and monitor model?
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    OK, you're going to plug the HDMI into the xbox, if you're not going to have a rig attached then it's ok and will work pretty well, that cable which you have linked will do fine to convert the HDMI to DVI and plus send the Audio to the Audio Jacks there from which you can get the audio to your speakers.

    Yes, it will work well.
    What I would like to know is that, is there a computer you plan to connect to this setup? if there is, then how do you plan to do that?
    If the answer is no, then there are no issues.
  6. A simpler way is to use headphones. But ^+1
  7. i dont plan on hooking th exbox to my comp so, thats no problem just making sure that cable will split the audio video properly thanks
  8. Quote:
    A simpler way is to use headphones. But ^+1

    i dont think headphones will work, my monitor has an audio output, but no hdmi input, i will be using hdmi(in the xbox) to dvi(the screen) so no audio will be sent. this is why the cable i posted has an audio jack to split the audio/video, i can directly plug the audio to my speakers inputs
  9. use the xbox headphones
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