Motherboard needed for i5-750

Hi all, i'm looking for some help finding a motherboard for an i5-750. I'm putting together a somewhat budget build for online poker use. Graphics requirements are very low as far as i'm aware and I dont do any gaming or plan to in the future.

Was initially planning to put together a build that would allow me to use integrated graphics instead of buying a graphics card. Can someone help me with a motherboard that would accomplish this? The range and models of motherboards has me bewildered as a newbie builder. Only real requirements are Sata 6gb/s for an SSD I plan to use. And as cheap as possible!!

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  1. there are no MBs for 750 with sata 6gb/s
  2. Does this not have Sata 6gb/s?

    If I get this will I have to buy a separate graphics card? And how cheaply can I pick up something suitable?

  3. yup you probably will need a separate card it will cost $50-75
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