GTX 480 a better long term investment than a 570?

I want to upgrade my HD 4850 so that I can play wow on ultra @ 1080p. I'm currently running 4gigs of ram on a 8400 Core2 duo.

I have doubts though that I will be able to play at a constant 60 fps after the Gpu upgrade because of my processor but I only have enough money to upgrade one component & I've been holding off on buying cataclysm so that I can enjoy it with a new Gpu on ultra.

I'm guessing (correct me if I'm wrong) that upgrading my Gpu will give me the most fps boost at this point but I can't decide between a 570 or a 480. I don't care about the efficiency/heat or noise of the 480 but I do like the fact that the 570 is quieter/cheaper/matches if not beats the 480 in games/benchmarks but would the 480 make a better long term investment because of more Vram/Wider memory path?

Also, I've heard that the 480 is the better overclocker..
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  1. 570 is cheaper/ less heat/ uses less power and has better fps on most games, get the 570 forget the 480.
  2. apparently you heard the wrong story.
  3. wh3resmycar said:
    apparently you heard the wrong story.

    In what way is he wrong?,2806-12.html

    Granted, the 570 doesn't beat the 480 in all benchmarks, it seems to beat it in most benchmarks. But it's definitely cooler, quieter and cheaper.
  4. I would only recommend the GTX480 if you got one of the nice custom models. A Gigabyte GTX480 Superoverclock or MSI GTX480 Lightning would be as good or better than a stock GTX570. These two cards have custom cooling that negates the concerns with noise and allow for nice overclocks to their already factory overclocked speeds. In general, though, it's either one of those, or a GTX570 of any type custom or stock.
  5. I have a 4870 with a Phenom II X3 720 BE oc'd to 3.4GHz. WoW runs perfectly (60fps) on highest settings @ 1920x1080.

    Here's a trick: try turning everything up to Ultra and take both the shadow and water/liquid settings down one notch. Instead of rendering everything around you and on the map, it will only render what is on screen, making for a more efficient and enjoyable experience. I switched back and forth, and there is no difference in visual quality. Maybe OC your processor a bit?

    Don't waste your money on a pointless upgrade. WoW has very low requirements as it is. Anything above a 460 is super-ultra-overkill.
  6. Quote:
    In what way is he wrong?

    that the 480 is the better overclocker.
  7. wh3resmycar said:
    that the 480 is the better overclocker.

    Did he say otherwise?
  8. wh3resmycar said:
    that the 480 is the better overclocker.

    According to Guru3d, the home of Afterburner, they were able to reach the following overclocks (voltage tweaking was not available for the GTX570 reviews):

    (vs. stock 700mhz) / FPS BFBC2 19x12
    Asus GTX480 850mhz (+18%) / --
    Gigabyte GTX480 SOC 882mhz (+21%) / 69 fps
    MSI GTX480 Lightning 852mhz (+18%) / 66 fps

    (vs stock 732mhz)
    GTX570 800mhz (+9%) / 64 fps
    Palit GTX570 Sonic Platinum 850mhz (+15%) / 71 fps
    POV GTX570 TGT Ultra Charged 860mhz (+15%) / 73

    After this review I would go for the Gigabyte GTX480 SOC or the Palit GTX570 Sonic Platinum, which have custom coolers, or a GTX570 with the stock cooler, which was the quietest, but only by 1Db. The POV TGT Ultra Charged has the stock cooler.
  9. You can only afford 1 component? That's $350 to $400! I just build two computers (one Phenom II x4 and one Phenom II x2) for $500 total!

    Are you sure a graphics upgrade is what you need most? Post the rest of your specs because if you're running less than a good Core 2 Duo, a top notch graphics card is getting wasted anyways.

    I personally think a Radeon 6950 unlocked to a 6970 is by far the best buy out there right now, but the GTX 570 is better than the GTX 480 if their prices are similar--lower power, heat, & noise, same performance.
  10. Quote:
    Did he say otherwise?


    Also, I've heard that the 480 is the better overclocker..

    i was responding to the op.

    and imo, if you're torn between a gtx480 and 570, the obvious unanimous choice is the latter. the 570 is clearly the better product (with cost being insignificant). like if i'll be given one for free i'd still get the 570.
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