I have an old PC that I was going to turn into a media server/ubuntu fun...

When it fire it up, it runs for 3 seconds and then turns off.

If i remove the 4 pin plug beside the CPU, it'll startup, although not do anything, but it'll stay running.

If i remove the CPU, and leave the plug in, it runs, the same as previous statement...

Does this mean the CPU is shorting the system out?
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  1. do you know what cpu it is? is your computer custom or from a manufactuer (hp, dell)

    i know that sometimes the power supply will fail and begin to overload the motherboard. and usually with the cheap power supplies, the entire system will still turn on but its all completely fried. usually the cpu will still survive and so will the ram, but not the motherboard cuz the power supply took the mobo with it when it failed.
  2. No, what that means is you are failing post and without a functional CPU it cant get far enough to fail and turn off so it gets stuck in an infinite loop calling for the CPU and getting no response.

    List your full system specs, including make and model of the major parts(CPU, Motherboard, power supply) then we can help you troubleshoot.

    Also go through the steps here http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-boot-video-problems
  3. Depends.....something else may be preventing the board from posting, like hunter said, work through the "System wont boot" checklist
  4. Is the cpu cooler properly mounted? I think without a cpu cooler the cpu will overheat and shut itself off very quickly.
  5. I agree, if the cpu is overheating, it will shut down. Check the heatsink/fan. Make sure the fan is spinning and heatsink is attached tightly.

    Otherwise I would suspect the power supply.
  6. It is extremely unlikely that the CPU is causing your computer to turn off. The fault is very probably a faulty power supply.
  7. the psu is probably having surges or something. its on its last breathe (i think)
  8. Will likely go out and buy a new PSU tomorrow... I presume the CPU is drawing too much current, and this causes the PSU to die. I've done the checklist, and it comes down to, if the CPU isn't getting power it will power up, and stay steady. If the processor is installed, or that twin 12v plug (CPU power PLUG) is plugged in, it will start up, then almost immediately turn off again.

    I've pulled RAM, I've done everything I can think of, but no matter what I do, it comes down to the same issue. Either the CPU is fried, or the PSU can't handle the power the CPU is pulling... what do you all think?
  9. Oh ya, it's a custom system somebody built, my guess, 5ish years ago. It hs an ACER MDX something or other motherboard... It is frustrating, I'm thinking it's CPU, not PSU... But if it's possible the PSU isn't able to put out the power for the CPU, causing it to die, that would be the only part that makes sense.

    If I unplug the four pin plug by the CPU, and turn it on, it'll fire up. But as soon as I plug in the 4 pin connector, it shuts down, abruptly.

    PSU tomorrow I guess..., maybe, or just throw it out, and get my hands on another 'old' PC...
  10. which cpu is it exactly ?
    if your power supply is rated near 350~400 w and has been used for more than 3 years then its definately the psu
    there are 10% chances that its ur cpu 20% mobo and 70% psu
  11. It's very unlikely cpu. Cpu's rarely die. Maybe 1 in 1000.

    You still have not mentioned if the cpu fan is spinning or if it is attached firmly to the cpu.
  12. Oh sorry, yes the CPU fan is spinning fo the 2 seconds it is running for, it's the first one to fire up. It has a comfortable amount of the 'grease' on it, and nice and secure to the CPU...
  13. Oh, and it's an AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU... (SDA3000AIO2BX)... Not sure if I could even purchase something to replace this, or if it would be worth it... I'll probably just end up scrapping the unit if the PSU doesn't work, or maybe, i'll just scrap the whole thing, don't want to put $40.00 into something that might not worth, or be worth $50.00....
  14. Oh wow, yeah it's not worth putting money into.
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