Ati 5770 overheats, 73c idle

People at Geek Squad told me the air flowing in my case was good, and they said the graphics card was faulty, I had the 4890 back then. Now my 5770 also overheats, 65c to 75c idle, and almost 100c at full load, but it never went pass that. My cpu overheated once which caused my monitor to not work for a moment, while my computer was still on. I think there are some kind of driver issue of programs that are overheating my pc, I just don't know what it is, please help?
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  1. What is your computer case/PSU ? also what is your room's temperature ?
  2. It seems the problem is to do with overheating in your computer. Make sure that all fans are functioning correctly and that any dust has been cleared from the inside. Also make sure the computer is not located in a hot area, ie: radiator. Make sure that all the vents on the case are not obstructed.

    The graphics card is also a high end card which requires a powerful power supply, 600 Watts is recommended for this graphics card.

    Try and solve the issue of overheating before going out and getting a new PSU.
  3. Check the temps with HW monitor ..
    How much time you had the 5770 ?
  4. Sounds like a massive airflow issue in your case, regardless of what geek squad said because my 5970 idles at 35-40 and tops out at 60.

    Time for a good dust in your case, do some cable routing to make sure airflow paths aren't obstructed and just see how the fans are doing, they may need a clean.
  5. ^Second that. Airflow Problem. Your PSU wouldn't cause your GPU and CPU to overheat...

    Time to to some cable management if you can, and buy some more/better fans. Can you give us a picture of the inside of your case, or some specs?

    I have a single 5770, and it idles at 31 degrees... there's no reason other than bad airflow for both of your critical components to be overheating...
  6. Intel Quad Core Q8300
    XDX 5770 1GB
    Thermaltake Black Widow 550Watts
    How can I fix the airflow myself?
    There are a lot of extra wires in the computer that is connected to the wires that I need to use
    I had my 5770 for 10 months now
  7. Bump
    Yea my friend has the same card but with like 32c idle lol
    I dont know how to install better fans, is Geek Squad a good choice?
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