Recommend me a good graphics card to play CS 1.6

My CF 5970 is having alot of trouble playing it at a comfortable fps. People are recommending me the Asus Ares, but I don't know. PLease suggest me something that can get the game to at least 30 fps
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  1. First of all don't change you cards.2 5970's are the fastest(or one of the fastest) multiGPU setups available.
    Because CS 1.6 is fairly old,disable CrossFire and see if it helps
  2. This is obviously a joke or the guy doesn't know what video cards he has.

    A 8800GT should max out CS and still have juice left over. Last time I played CS 1.6 I had a FX5700.
  3. I think hes a troll
  4. This threads is going nowhere, the OP seems to have a different rig and has already asked about it here
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