Squeezing out a little more performance from my rig!

Hey all!
Long story short, I am looking to upgrade my 3(ish) year old rig:

Intel e8400, 2gb RAM, ATI 4850

Being a student, I cannot afford a complete rebuild so am looking to keep the same mobo & cpu.
I am considering upgrading my video card (it runs real hot these days and causes system reboots!) and possibly my memory if needs be.

It's been a while since I looked at PC components so am fairly out of the loop with regards to what cards/ram are a good bang for buck these days, so any advice would be great!! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hello darth_haggis;

    What PSU are you working with? And what resolution monitor?
    Most important. Have you set a budget yet?
  2. You might as well go ahead and list ALL your components.
    We might find other options you might not have thought about.

    Best Graphics Cards For the Money: March 2011
  3. Thanks for reply!
    OK these are my specs:

    360W PSU
    ASUS P5K SE/EPU Mobo
    2gb Corsair CM2X 6400 RAM
    ATI 4850 GPU
    Intel e8400 CPU

    I have a 22" monitor with a 1650x1080 resolution. Also, I am running Windows XP.

    Being a student my budget is fairly limited, but i could probably spend around £150 ($240) ish.

    Thanks in advance!
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