Pentium D to..?

I know these questions get asked to death, but as usual when I read other threads they are not quite exactly what I need to know, and I leave more confused than I came.
Plus - I posted before about a GPU purchase and you all were very helpful.

SO -

I've got this motherboard:

An ATI HD4770
3 Gigs Ram
430watt PSU
And a Pentium D in the board now..

According to the MotherBoard specs it supports

Intel Core 2 Duo Socket 775 up to E6x00 series
Intel Core 2 Duo Socket 775 up to E4x00 series

I've no preference to AMD vs. Intel

Basically I'm looking for the best gaming CPU I can put in this board.

I've googled a bit and found suggestions and techno-jargin to go along with it that makes me question compatibility.. And I know that just because the model number goes up doesn't mean it's a better buy.. or just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's a better buy.
Apparently the e6850 is the highest model number in the e6x00 series.. and runs about a hundred bucks - which is fine by me.. but.. I wanted to ask the professionals.

so.. professionals?
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  1. Try to look for a used one under ~$60. Over that you'd rather spend your money on a new CPU+Mobo. a Athlon X3 + Mobo can be had for ~$100, Pentium DCs for a tad more.
  2. The E6850 will give you a significant increase in performance. At least according to the link, your mobo should support the CPU.
  3. I've no problem, really, with updating the mobo, but
    One thing about new Mobo - I don't want to upgrade everything else too.

    I suppose the Graphic Card would transfer fine - but DDR2 ram.. and my Hard Drive is an older one - connected via Ribbon..

    Would the Athlon X3 + Mobo make much of a difference?

    I'm really not too concerned with the latest and greatest.. I'm only upgrading the Pentium D because I bought the GPU and I'd like something that keeps up with it/gets along with it..
  4. Also - what would you suggest MOBO-wise if I were to upgrade to an X3?
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    You can "upgrade" to an Athlon X3 and keep everything else.

    Comes out to be $105 shipped.
  6. wow.. that thing's tiny. heh.

    Looks good, but I'd be losing a gig of ram.. hrm..
  7. RAM is silly cheap though, 4GB DDR3 is only $30, going AM3 with a board like this might unlock the X3 and allow for some OC.
  8. I just bought two 1 gig DDR2 modules for $70 at the local office max. :/

    I should point out that I'm in Hawaii - and we get bent over on the local stores and on the online shipping for anything.. if they actually ship here in the first place.
  9. Just checked, shipping's $20. Ouch.:<
  10. The "system model" in the dxdiag is:
    EX275AA-ABA a1530n
  11. grr... it looks like it.. so what's the difference between the board I linked to in my initial post, and the one you linked to? I mean they look exactly the same except for the color of one little plastic bit - what makes one compatible with the core 2 duos and the other not?
  12. ^Probably just the motherboards BIOS. HP and other computer makers don't issue new BIOS for their boards enabling the use of newer processors, even though retail equivalents of the same boards are capable of running them because the manufacturers release BIOS updates.
  13. If it's essentially the same board - wouldn't a BIOS update from another manufacturer work with this board? (literally the only visual difference that I can see between the two I'm talking about is the color of a plastic bit in the bottom left corner.)

    ..if not than I really hope I'm outbid on the E6850 I bid on just before it was pointed out that my board isn't the one I thought it was. :/
  14. I've really enjoyed my Athlon ii x2 and cheap ASrock mobo. I upgraded from a single core P4 Willemette and the difference was amazing. Get a cheap ATI chipset mobo, 4gb of DDR3 and a low end dual/triple core Athlon ii and you'll be able to stream/convert, and play most games at very respectable settings.
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