Dell Quadro FX1800, SLI capable?


The company where I work has just bought 2 DELL precision T3500 workstations with two Quadro FX1800 cards.

When I look up the FX1800 card, it doesn't have SLI connectors by default.
But if you go to this address of the DELL website (, it seems to say that their FX1800 has 2- way SLI support... Not sure if that means that it is actually SLI capable or not.

On this address, under Important Information, there also seems to be a driver for SLI, but only for vista.
I know we're installing win7 on the machines, so any drivers that might have come along with the computer would therefor be lost.

I'm a bit confused, because I've been told that it's very unlikely that nvidia would produce a special SLI version of the quadro FX1800 just for DELL.
If that is true, the extra card would seem to be a waste of money.

Could DELL be in possession of an SLI capable FX1800 card.... Any thoughts on this?
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  1. You dont need a SLi cable to use SLi, It can also be done through the motherboards PCI-Express links, which is what I am guessing it is doing. Grab the drivers from nVidia's website and you should be able to enable SLi in the drivers.
  2. I found an explanation about this on wiki:

    The following is interesting:
    The SLI bridge is used to reduce bandwidth constraints and send data between both graphics cards directly. It is possible to run SLI without using the bridge connector on a pair of low-end to mid-range graphics cards (e.g. 7100GS or 6600GT) with NVIDIA's Forceware drivers 80.XX or later. Since these graphics cards do not use as much bandwidth, data can be relayed through just the chipsets on the motherboard. However, if no SLI bridge is used on two high-end graphics cards, the performance suffers severely as the chipset does not have enough bandwidth.

    Assuming this is true, will sending data through the motherboard chipset not reduce the effectiveness of the SLI effect with two Quadro FX 1800 cards? Or are they so low end that this is not a problem?
    The motherboard in this rig is X58, just thought I would mention that.

    I got an CPU-Z txt file of the rig, if it will help.
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