Can u run 2 pcie3 0 in a asrock extreme7gen3

Hello,can the asrock z68extreme7gen3 run two pcie3.0 gpu like the extreme4 with a future bios upgrade or just the one?ple clear this up for me ple
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  1. it has only 1 pci-e 3.0 slot so no it cant
  2. Thanks for the info h3sham but i realy wanted two lan ports which the extreme7 has n the extra pcie lanes but want future sli, tri pcie3.0 gpu cards and they have just said that the H series mobos will now support pcie3.0 with a bios upgrade on there 2.0 lanes so is it pos we the extreme7 or does the nvidia NF200 chip stop the upgradability of it
  3. Hello,
    My HP Pavilion Dv 9000 laptop got busted up but the hard drives are ok i want to know if i take my laptops hard drives and put them in a difrent laptop will it work the same way or will it just wont work ?
  4. h3sham said:
    it has only 1 pci-e 3.0 slot so no it cant

    so would you say it was the nvidia NF200 chip that expands the numba of pcie lanes that ruins this board for future pcie 3.0 sli and tri gpu use cos its a real shame if so
  5. cant say that cuz thanks to that chip you can use tri SLI but i realy have no idea how the PCI-e 3.0 work exactly , the NF200 is sort of an add on chip that works in conjunction with the intel chipset, so when multiple GPUs are detected, the NF200 chip can be accessed to deliver more bandwith to the third card. thats all i know about the NF200 . but wether it limits the board from using PCI-e 3.0 or not i have no idea....but to use pci-e 3.0 SLI you will need at least 2 slots of pci-e 3.0
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