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ust finished building my first PC.. p8p67 deluxe, 2500k, my old 9800gt, 8 gigs of ram. I put it all together, plugged it in.. turned it on, windows starting screen, blue screen, restart, repeat... I had to go to work right after that. Any ideas of things I can try tonight? Thanks.
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  1. Oops... typo.. typing on my phone.. also the hard drive I'm using is the same hard drive I used on my last PC with the same windows install
  2. You will probably need to do a clean windows install or else it might compromise stability. In the mean time, you can always try to put the SATA controller to IDE mode instead of AHCI in the BIOS.
  3. You cannot unless you are very lucky use the hard disk from your old computer without reinstalling Windows. If you do you will get blue screens as the drivers from your old computer are not compatible with your new computer.
  4. I think it might work more often than we think. I once did it by accident (put the installation CD in the drive, but forgot to set the CD as primary boot); booted my Athlon 2600+ install with my C2D right away, the only thing remotely similar between my 2 builds was they both used Nvidia Cards (went from a 7600 GT AGP to a 8800 GTS PCI-e) ... Still it did work and was stable (I formatted it a few days later just to be safe).
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